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Pineapple Craft | Letter P | Nutrition Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Yummy, juicy, scrumptious pineapple! This is a fun way to practice or introduce the letter P, and colors yellow and green.

This is also a wonderful activity to celebrate nutrition. a summer, tropical or island theme. The pineapple is in season year round in the USA.

Activity > Nutrition > Fruit Group > Pineapple- The International Welcome Sign 
Visit the link above to learn about the fascinating history of the pineapple. Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Activity > Pineapple Name Tags > Skill > Learning to write name or letter P is for Pineapple.
Print and cut out pineapple tags.  Have children practice writing their first name or emphasize on letter P.  Write name or letter with dots or broken lines that they can trace.

Other uses educational uses for the pineapple tags.
1. Match concentration game:  Print tag template twice. On one template page write letter P in upper case and lower case p on the other.  This can be done with numbers (1 to 6) as well.  Cut out and play match.

2. Paper chain or garland:  Cut one inch strips of green construction paper across the width (6 or 12 strips).  Write letter P's on the strips.  Paste pineapple tags in the middle of the paper strips.  Make the paper chain, count the links.

Activity > Craft >  DLTK's Paula Pineapple
Have fun putting Paula Pineapple together:
* Print the craft template in your choice of color or black and white

Now tell children they will make their very own Pineapple Fruity Buddy to remember the letter P.

* color and decorate template pieces, review color recognition.  The main colors are yellow for the pineapple body and pulp, and green leaves.

* cut template pieces (younger children need assistance)

*2-3 year olds: 

1. Write the letter P p (in upper case and lower case) on the head template on the desired locations for pasting template pieces.

2. Have child put dots of glue on the P p's you printed on  the pineapple head template.

3. Give the pieces one by one to the child to place over the P p's on the head template.

*3 and older:  Do steps 1 and 2, and then  allow them to do as much as possible by themselves.

Take a snack break:  Eat cut-up pineapple and dip in flavored yogurt.

Activity > Alphabet Letter P Pineapple Printable Activities

*Place Paula Pineapple in a place of honor with related alphabet activities and refer to it during the week.

letter p pineapple printable activities
Letter P Pineapple printable activities

Pineapple name tags
color | coloring

External link
Paper Pineapple Craft
Pineapple Craft
Print in color or coloring format

* coloring or painting supplies  
*glue or glue stick