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Let's have fun with broccoli at  Here you will find loads of fun information to share with children of all ages about this nutritious vegetable.

Craft > DLTK's Printable Big Boy Broccoli Craft
* Make an easy and hilarious broccoli craft, Big Boy Broccoli Craft - ages 2-6
* Print in your choice of color or black and white templates in the link provided.

* Color and decorate using GREEN.

 * Glue pieces (for 2 year old you may want to apply dots of glue in the desired locations and hand each piece and talk about the template piece (arm, broccoli, hat, colors, etc for building vocabulary).

 * Write Letter B prominently on the craft and point out letter B is for Big Boy Broccoli.

Alphabet > Letter B is for Broccoli Printable Activities
Review, print and present alphabet materials listed in the materials column

*Recipe Idea:  ages 4-6
Trees in a Broccoli Forest on YouTube
This is a great recipe idea to do for dinner or lunch and the kids can help.  Even Daddy will have fun with this one.  Have a fun broccoli day!

March is National Nutrition Month and June is Fruits and Vegetable Month, both of these occasions are a wonderful opportunity to have fun with food.

Related activity > Vegetable basket craft featuring broccoli, carrots and lettuce

External link

Big Boy Broccoli Craft

Letter B Broccoli Lesson Plan

(features broccoli)

Fun recipe for lunch or dinner:
Trees in a Broccoli Forest

broccoli coloring page
Broccoli coloring page

*  coloring supplies, scissors & glue

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