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Alphabet > Letter T > T is for Teddy Bear

Holidays and Events >
Jul 10th > Teddy Bear Picnic Day 
Sep 9th >
Teddy Bear Day
Inventions Kids Love > Toys > Teddy Bears

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Numbers > 1 to 6 > Six little Teddy Bears

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Activity:  Online Story Six Little Teddy Bears

Skills >  Numbers 1 to 6
> Read this adorable online story Six Little Teddy Bears [Flash Player]

The story will focus on numbers  1 to 6.  After reading the story you may want to discuss and count the teddy bears on the first page of the story.

Activity > Weather > What Will Bella Wear?

Skills > Science > Weather Conditions and the Seasons
After reading the story do this online activity: What Will Bella Wear? [Flash Player]  This is a fun activity that helps children learn about weather conditions and how to choose the right type of clothes for: a rainy day, a sunny day and a snowy day.  Discuss the seasons as they relate to these weather conditions: rainy in the spring, sunny in the summer, snowy in the winter

Activity >  Teddy Bear Crafts
Select a printable teddy bear craft to along with the activities above that best meets your educational needs.  You will find crafts to focus on learning shapes, multicultural activities through holiday celebrations.