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* July 10th > Teddy Bear Picnic Day 
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Teddy Bear Day 

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* Numbers > 1 to 6 > Six little Teddy Bears
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What Will Bella Wear?

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Activity:  Online Story Six Little Teddy Bears

Skills >  Numbers 1 to 6

Read this adorable online story Six Little Teddy Bears

The story will focus on numbers  1 to 6.  After reading the story you may want to discuss and count the teddy bears on the first page of the story.

Activity:  Online Activity-What Will Bella Wear?

Skills > Science > Weather Conditions and the Seasons

After reading the story do this online activity: What Will Bella Wear?  This is a fun activity that helps children learn about weather conditions and how to choose the right type of clothes for: a rainy day, a sunny day and a snowy day.  Discuss the seasons as they relate to these weather conditions: rainy in the spring, sunny in the summer, snowy in the winter

Activity:  Teddy Bear Crafts
Select a printable teddy bear craft to along with the activities above that best meets your educational needs.  You will find crafts to focus on learning shapes, multicultural activities through holiday celebrations.

Print your selection of a
Printable Teddy Bear Craft

*Card stock or construction paper
*Crayons or paints or markers
*Craft Stick (Tongue depressor stick) to make a puppets.

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