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Activity:  Animal Sounds - Pre-Reading Skill
This story has a great story line to focus on animal sounds.  It is a lot of fun for children to mimic animal sounds.  This is great because being able to see an animal or its image and recognize or make the sound is a skill the children will need to see letters and associate them with sounds:  a pre-reading skill.

Visit Bananas in Pyjamas and have fun with their great Animal Match Sound Game.  Click on the dots to hear and identify the sound it makes and find the matching sound and animal.

Offline Activity - Animal Sounds:  
To do an offline animal sound activity use coloring pages or color posters (links to images below) and distribute the images.   The children can color, decorate and cut around images, add a Popsicle stick to make hand puppets.  Use these to play the games suggested below.

Make a presentation first of each animal on the board or flannel board and practice the animal sounds, then conduct one or both of these games.
  1.  Game 1:  Farm Animal Sounds Circle Game

* Distribute different coloring page images (links below) to the children, color, decorate and cut.  Glue a popsicle stick so the children can hold as a hand puppet.
* Make a large circle with the children.  Call out different animal names, the children holding the animal puppet must make the sound corresponding to the image they hold and move to the center of the circle.

  2.  Game 2:  Finding My Animal Family:   

They can also search each other (without the puppet) as they make the animal sound corresponding to the puppet they until all the cows, ducks etc. are together in family groups

Farm Animal Coloring Pages & Posters:
Links for images to color and decorate/make hand puppets and flannel board characters:
Make an Animal Sound Coloring Book.  Choose four to six pages to make a coloring book.

1.  Animal Sounds Coloring Pages:  cow, fish chicken, bird > crow, pig, sheep

Most of the images can be printed directly on construction paper of a matching color to make the flannel board characters.

Animal Sounds:
Coloring pages to make flannel board characters and coloring book
cow, fish chicken, bird > crow, pig, sheep

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