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Color the Rainbow with Freda Frog online storyColor the Rainbow with Freda Frog is a short and fun story that will help children learn to recognize the colors of the rainbow, in this case primary and secondary colors. [requires Adobe Flash Player] After reading the online story you can play this game.

Rainbow Cards Coloring Game
The cards have the same images as is in the online story: red cap, orange pumpkin, green beans, yellow duck, blue ball and purple lollipop.

Each image is in color and black & white - keep these images together when cutting the cards.

1. Print the cards preferably in card stock or white construction paper.

2. Important: Keep matching images together > color image and black & white image - fold so only one side shows.

Game procedure:
1. Show child the color image side first, ask what color and what is the name of the object.
2. Once child has identified the color and object on each card, turn the cards so only white image show.
3. Ask child what color should the image be - example: what color was the duck?

Part 2 of the activity - coloring the black and white images:
1. Encourage child to color the images to match the one next to it.
2. You may want to do the coloring activity two images per day for very young children and revisit the story online.

Ideas for using cards:Match game:
Cut the matching images and play a game of match. Turn all of the cards face down. Turn over 2 cards. If you turn over a picture card and it is the correct color card, you have a match. Take these cards away. Turn 2 of the remaining cards over. If they are not a match turn back facedown, and try again until all matches have been made.

Older preschoolers (Ages 4+ and older), and kindergarten level can be introduced to the companion color word worksheets. There is a color version and coloring version. Visit the link to print the worksheets.
Rainbow Flash Cards Coloring Game (3 pages)
rainbow flash cards game
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color word worksheets

Color Word Worksheets

* white paper, card stock or construction paper
* scissors
* crayons or markers