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Activities Materials
Activity 1: Literacy: Read > Go Fly a Kite an online story (or the book version) ages 3+
A fantasy day story with grandpa flying a kite.

Here are topics and themes to discuss after reading the online story:

Climate and Weather Conditions
Ask what helps the kite fly? Wind.
Could the kite fly without wind?

Shapes & Colors

Discuss the shape of the kite?
The diamond shape - the diamond shape is the perfect shape for a kite, it helps it fly.
What other shape can you see inside the kite? 4 triangles.
What color is the kite?

Activity 2: Kite Safety, history of kites, multicultural celebrations: Visit this Kite theme lesson plan to learn about kite flying safety, view real images of kites around the world, and assemble an easy homemade kite that flies!

Activity 3: Alphabet Activities > K is for Kite Activities (Ages 3 - 6)

Choose activity #4 or #5 or conduct each one on separate days to reinforce Letter K practice.

Activity 4: Decorating a Kite: All ages (Reinforce Letter K)

  • Print this kite coloring page, write a large and bold letter K and the word kite in the margin. Suggestion: Print onto light blue paper for a sky background.
  • Prepare a container or tray with a variety of materials to decorate: crayons, markers, pencils, cut-up construction paper, tissue paper, stickers.
  • Shapes: Discuss the kite is a diamond shape. Identify and count the six triangles that form the bows in the kite's tail.

Activity 5: Printable Kite Craft
Print this adorable craft from in your choice of color or coloring version. Practice counting the pieces, scissor cutting skills, colors and more.

letter k kite printable activities
Letter K Kite printable activities

Decorate the kite coloring page
Print Kite coloring page on white or light blue paper (for a blue sky background)
coloring tools.

External link
DLTK's Kite Craft
Printable kite craft