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Activity 1:  Literacy: Read > Go Fly a Kite an online story (or the book version) ages 3+
A fantasy day story with grandpa flying a kite.

Here are topics and themes to discuss after reading the online story:

Climate and Weather Conditions

Ask what helps the kite fly? Wind.
Could the kite fly without wind?

Shapes & Colors

Discuss the shape of the kite?
The diamond shape -  the diamond shape is the perfect shape for a kite, it helps it fly.
What other shape can you see inside the kite?  4 triangles.   
What color is the kite?

Activity 2Kite Safety, history of kites, multicultural celebrationsVisit this Kite theme lesson plan to learn about kite flying safety, view real images of kites around the world, and assemble an easy homemade kite that flies! 

Activity 3Alphabet Activities > K is for Kite Activities  (Ages 3 - 6)

Choose activity #4 or #5 or conduct each one on separate days to reinforce Letter K practice.

Activity 4: Decorating a Kite:  All ages (Reinforce Letter K)

  • Print this kite coloring page, write a large and bold letter K and the word kite in the margin.  Suggestion:  Print onto light blue paper for a sky background.
  • Prepare a container or tray with a variety of materials to decorate: crayons, markers, pencils, cut-up construction paper, tissue paper, stickers.
  • Shapes:  Discuss the kite is a diamond shape.  Identify and count the six triangles that form the bows in the kite's tail.

Activity 5:  Printable Kite Craft 
Print this adorable craft from in your choice of color or coloring version.  Practice counting the pieces, scissor cutting skills, colors and more.

letter k kite printable activities
Letter K Kite printable activities

Decorate the kite coloring page
Print Kite coloring page on white or light blue paper (for a blue sky background)
coloring tools.

External link
DLTK's Kite Craft
Printable kite craft