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18 months to 6 years old:

This is a great little story that the youngest child can enjoy and it's educational.

Dottie's story will show children the steps of planting a seed, and what needs to happen for that seed to grow into a plant.

Go to Peep grows a seed video and your child will experience the joy of seeing how seeds grow and gives us the beauty of flowers and other plants.

Children 2.5 and older:
1.  Discuss the steps in order for the seeds to grow into plants.

2.  What is necessary for the seeds to grow.

3.  Can the seed germinate without water? , sun? , soil?

4.  Will the flowers grow better if we take care of them?
5.  If possible show different types of seed you may have around from fruits.

6.  Flowers and plants crafts > Select a craft that illustrates the process of growing a plant. Grow some seeds and present alphabet letter F is for Flower or G is for Garden.

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Alphabet Printable Activities
letter f flower printable activities
Letter F is for Flower
letter g garden printable activities
Letter G is for Garden

Crafts > Flowers theme

*Seeds for observation such as:
dry beans
apple seeds
pine cone