Autumn Landscape Craft Preschool Activities Printable Activities Lesson Plan: Shapes - Seasons - Family

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atumn family lanscape craftActivity 2:  Autumn Family Landscape Craft

Activity 3:  Shapes Make Things

1.  Identify all shapes in the templates before or after decorating.  Show children how these shapes form the house, windows, door,  the tree, apples, etc. Visit this activity:  The Shape of Things book activity

Activity 4:  Autumn Season
Discuss the elements in the picture that are related to the fall season:  the scarecrow with a pumpkin face, the harvest cornucopia, the apple tree with yummy apples ready to be picked.
What other things happen to the tree as the weather gets cooler.  Visit this related activity:  Explore the Seasons with Trees -- that shows how trees change from season to season.

Activity 5:  All About Me-My Home and My Family
This art & craft activity allows the children to include immediate family members.  If needed, there is a separate template (color and black & white) to add other members in the family - more siblings, grandparents, nanny, etc. Children may want to draw in a family pet or stickers are an option.  Educators can help the children write the first name of each family member in the body.

Discuss with the children what are their favorite things to do with their family during the autumn season.  What holidays are special during this season:  Thanksgiving or other holidays.

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