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Trees Theme | Arbor Day | Dress up a Tree for a Season Preschool Lesson Plan Activities


Instructions and Suggestions


Alphabet >
*Letter L > L is for Leaf
*Letter T > T is for Tree

> Seasonal colors

Crafts > Dress up a Tree for a Season 
Holidays and events >
*April 22nd > Earth Day
*April > Arbor Day - last Friday
*June 5 >
World Environment Day

Plants > Trees Theme

Explore the Seasons with Trees

Online Activities >
*Trees are Terrific ... Travels with Pierre
In this activity children experience the seasons by observing the changes in a tree for every season.

Activity #1:  Online Learning about Trees:

*Trees are Terrific ...Travels with Pierre 

Online Activity #1:   Trees are Terrific ...Travels with Pierre is a wonderful presentation for young children to learn about trees. 

The links here will take you to the pages that relate to the seasons:
*Trees in Winter
*Trees in Spring
*Trees in Summer
*Trees is Autumn/Fall

Activity #2 - Arts & Crafts: Dress up A Tree for A Season
Why not dress up a tree for one season?
Decide on a season you would like to dress up a tree.  Use this activity- Dress up a Tree for a season or use a simple Tree coloring page to achieve a similar effect -  Visit the trees coloring pages to choose an image here are some suggestions:
1.  Spring: Print or color leaves green for spring or summer.  Add fruit for summer.  
2.  Autumn: Color leaves, yellow, orange and red for fall.
3.  Winter:  Glue cotton balls on the tree and glue some under it for a winter effect.
4.  Summer:  Decorate with fruit stickers or fingerprint fruits:  red, yellow or green apples, purple plums, red cherries, oranges.

Optional:  Dress up a Tree for a Season using this activity and template - 
Dress up a Tree for Spring

Simpler Activity:
Decorate a Tree Coloring Page - select from:
Trees coloring pages

To view updates to these activities visit: http://www.first-school.ws/activities/seasons/trees.htm
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