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 Trees and the Seasons | A Year in the Life of a Tree
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*Letter L > L is for Leaf
*Letter T > T is for Tree

Colors > Seasonal colors

Coloring & crafts > Dress up a Tree for a Season 
Holidays and events >
*April 22nd > Earth Day
*April last Friday > Arbor Day
*June 5th >
World Environment Day

Online Activities >
Trees are Terrific -- Travels with Pierre

SeasonsPlants > Trees
Explore the seasons with trees

In this activity children experience the seasons by observing the changes in a tree for every season in a year.  Review related activities in the themes column.

Activity 1 > Trees and the Seasons > A Year in the Life of a Tree

The links below will take you through a year in the life of a deciduous tree and the change of seasons:

Activity 2 > Coloring or Craft > Dress up A Tree for A Season

Color a tree online >  Skills > using the computer mouse, seasonal colors
Children can explore using flower colors, then green for summer, and autumn colors.  Print the page and dress it up for a season.  Visit this activity -- Dress up a Tree for a Season with templates, or use the simple tree coloring page to achieve a similar effect.  Visit the trees coloring pages to choose other images,,  If possible print on light blue background paper.

Suggestions for 'dressing the tree' for a season:

  • Winter > Print this coloring page with bare branches, print on light blue or yellow paper.  Glue a few cotton balls, snowflakes stickers, or white finger-prints on the tree branches, snow falling,
  • Spring > Color tree foliage green, fill in with flower finger-prints or stickers.
  • Summer:  Color the tree foliage green.  Decorate with fruit stickers or fingerprint:  red, yellow or green apples, purple plums, red cherries, oranges.  Address nutrition:  Fruits are one of the five food groups, and we should make half of our plate fruits and veggies.
  • Autumn > Glue a choice of real autumn leaves, torn or cut up paper; finger-prints with autumn colors. Make sure some "leaves" appear to be falling and in the ground.

Dress up a Tree for Spring
includes templates

Simpler activity

Color the tree online
& print to decorate offline

Select other
trees coloring pages

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