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The children will have fun making an easy and fun craft of a penguin almost entirely made with heart shapes (except for the eyes) and during the crafting process many skills can be addressed.

The craft is appropriate for various holidays listed. Additional templates are available with accessories to decorate the penguin craft for these holidays.

And why are penguins fun for a Father's Day theme?
Penguin fathers are pretty special. As soon as Mommy penguin lays one or two eggs, it is Daddy penguin who keeps the eggs warm and protected for a couple of weeks! Mommy dashes away to hunt and eat.

Lesson plans and activities to review before craft activity:

Activity: Hearts Penguin Craft Ages 2.5+(9 pieces)
Tell the children they are going to have fun with a craft related to a wonderful and fun animal: the penguin!

Review printing and assembly options that best meet your needs. There are optional accessory templates for a Christmas/Winter theme (candy cane, winter hat & message card) or Valentine's Day heart balloon. Before assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested below:

Printing and assembly options:
Eyes template can be cut together as one piece instead of separately.Note: Choose optional holiday color or black and white templates for Christmas/Winter or Valentine's Day themes.

Option 1
: Print color template, cut out, conduct learning activities below and assemble.
Option 2: Print black and white template. Children can color, paint or decorate first, cut out and proceed as above. Conduct a color by the letter - write B for Black and W for White and O or Y for yellow (feet and beak).
Option 3: For Large Groups: Print black & white template on card stock and use as a master template. Trace the patterns on folded construction paper or left-over paper to obtain pieces needed in each color.

Learning Activities to conduct before craft assembly:
Choose those activities that meet your curriculum needs and children's age group:

Shapes & Colors Activity:
1. Ask children to identify the shapes and colors on the template if using the color template.

Numbers/Pre-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out.
1. Sorting & Sizing: Have the children sort the hearts by color and size (smallest to largest)

2. Counting: Count how many of each size there are. You may want to write numbers on the blank side to acquaint the children with printed numbers. in this activity you may want to also count the eyes.
Assembly: Each template has a small illustration of the finished craft to help children have an idea of how it looks when assembled. For large groups it may help to have a cut out craft and place small pieces of tape behind each piece and show on a board a sequence of assembly.

Other options, decorations and ideas:
1. Trace and cut pieces on fun foam, add wiggly eyes instead of paper eyes.
2. Tape a ribbon or string to back of head to use as decoration or ornament.
3. Dress up: Add other decoration such as buttons, a small ribbon bow, a ribbon for scarf.
4. Visual arts / art appreciation: incorporate the craft and introduce the art concepts of a landscape or the collage technique. Some simple examples are featured in the materials column for winter scenes.

Use a light blue background paper or have the children paint half of the paper white and blue, add other elements such as cotton balls or white tissue. The same landscape / collage concept can be applied to make a large mural for a classroom bulleting board with many penguin crafts.

Penguin Craft | Heart Shape | St. Valentine's Day | Winter - Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Hearts Penguin Craft



Black & White

Penguin Craft with Valentine's Day Balloon in a Winter Landscape
Valentine's Day Penguin

Color 1 & 2

Black & White 1 & 2

Penguin Craft with Christmas Winter Accessories in a Winter Landscape
Color 1 & 2

Black & White 1 & 2

letter p penguin printable activities

Letter P Penguin Printable Activities

*paper, construction paper or paper stock
*glue or glue stick
*something to color with