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Turtle Craft or Tortoise - Practice and Learn Shapes
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Young children will have fun making an easy and fun craft of a turtle or tortoise assembled with shapes (circle, triangles, ovals). Many basic skills can be addressed during and after the craft assembly process. Other printable support materials and links to related activities are provided.

Activity > Crafts Activity > Easy Shapes Turtle or Tortoise Craft
There are a number of ways to assemble and make this craft:

Option 1: Print all three templates in color, cut and assemble.

Option 2
: Print all three templates in black and white, color, paint or decorate first, cut and assemble.

Option 3:
Print template #2 and #3 only in color or black and white, and instead of template #1, use a small paper plate or trim a standard paper plate - paint the inverted side of the plate first, and then glue & assemble the other pieces.

Option 4:
Print template #1 and #2 using the black & white version, directly on your choice of color paper or construction paper: Example print Template 1 (turtle's shell) in green paper, and template #2 (head, legs and tail) in brown or tan paper. Color or trace template #3 (Turtle's Shell Decorations) onto scraps of construction paper. Another option is not to print template #3 at all and simply cut any shapes from scraps of paper.

Other decorations:
1. Glue yarn around the big circle and line outline.
2. Add wiggly eyes
3. Glue other items to decorate shell, such as buttons (those tortoise colored ones are great). Add other pieces of cut up paper.
4. Instead of triangle shapes, use a variety of shapes to decorate the turtle's body.

Activities >
Basic Skills Learning Activities to conduct before craft assembly:
Choose those activities you feel are appropriate for the ages of children.

Shapes & Colors Activity
1. Ask children to identify the shapes and colors on the template if using the color template.

Numbers/Early-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out.

1. Sorting & Sizing: Have the children sort the shapes by type - all triangles in one pile and then organize the piles by size from smallest to largest.

2. Counting: Count how many of each size there are and how many in total to assemble the craft. You may want to write numbers on the blank side to acquaint the children with printed numbers. Other suggested activities:
3. Number Activity: First Fractions

Template 1 is divided in fourths to cut the circle and have the children learn a little bit of fractions, later the children will assemble the circle and glue to a plain piece of paper-cut around afterward.
Make a demonstration, here are some ideas:
1. Cut or fold the circle first in half and tell the children that now the circle is two halves.
Count the pieces or sections.
2. Cut or fold the two halves. Explain that now the circle has been cut or folded in fourths, count the pieces. For older children do a bit of subtraction -- "I am going to take away a fourth, how many fourths are left, let's see, let's count together!, That's right, three fourths! and so forth.
3. Tell the children that when all the pieces are assembled together and it is a circle, it forms a whole - which is the same as ONE - 1. Tape pieces together or glue over an additional white circle.

Suggested assembly:
Review the following assembly steps with the children and they can refer to the small image on the template. It is helpful to display and assemble one craft in front of large groups by steps.
1. Paste oval head and triangle tail first on top of oval circle.
2. Paste smaller triangles in circle body in any arrangement.
3. Turn this portion of assembled craft face down and the remaining four oval legs face down. Position the legs where desired and make a small marking with pencil or crayon. Place glue on the markings and paste legs over the markings. Turn the craft around and it is ready.

Activity > Alphabet Printable Activities Letter T is for Tortoise and Turtle

Activity >Science & Social Studies: Learning about Turtles and Tortoises

Note: Some turtles and tortoises are endangered. Sea turtle are protected by the Endangered Species Act.

Other activities > Visit the turtle and tortoise section to an online story, Aesop fables, picture book or nursery rhymes of your choice.

Turtle or Tortoise Craft
Turtle Craft or Tortoise - Practice and Learn Shapes - Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
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Black & White
1 - 2 - 3

Can replace template #1
with small paper plate

letter t turtle or toiroise printable activities
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