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This activity will help children learn shapes, colors and how shapes create things. Present or reinforce letter H is for House

You can also focus on other themes such as: My Home, a season, weather conditions or a holiday event, such a winter holiday or other special holiday your family celebrates to portray in the house scene.

Activity 1: Alphabet Lesson Plan for H is for House or Home Activities - Ages 2.5+
This is an opportunity to present letter H for the first time or reinforce letter recognition.

Letter Presentation:
This poster image focuses on the upper case letter. Show the children how the letter H is part of the house. Discuss that the word home and house both have the h initial sound.

Activity 2: Book Activity: The Shape of Things author Dayle Ann Doods,
Illustrated by Julie Lacome
Refer to this related book activity to present how shapes form things. It is the perfect companion to presenting the house craft below. Tell the children they will make a house made of shapes.

Activity 3: Easy Shapes House or Home Craft
The black and white version of the shapes template allows for more creativity to decorate the shape pieces separately with a variety of materials, then cut out and glue to the house template.

Print house template and positioning template. Suggestion: Print positioning template on light blue paper for a blue sky background.

Print shapes template in color or black and white.

1. Decide on what season and weather conditions you would like to portray for the house scene: spring, summer, fall or winter, and then choose a sunny, rainy, or snowy day, or a holiday event. Select materials, colors and textures based on your scene choice.

2. Cut small pieces of construction paper to make shingles on the roof triangle. This same technique can be used to fill the small triangle pieces that will form the pine trees with small pieces of green paper. 3. Glue different colors of tissue paper on the pieces, instead of coloring, and then cut out excess.

4. Add decorations to windows and doors: a button for the door knob or small pieces of wrapping paper to make curtains on the window.

5. Add flowers and other plants to the front of the house, or yellow, orange red construction paper to form fall leaves, or cotton balls for snow.

6. Use small pieces of blue yarn to resemble falling rain or make a picket fence to see rectangle forms.

7. Add a sun to the scene and fill the cloud with cotton balls for a Spring or Summer scene.

8. Decorate the home for a particular holiday, like Christmas --put sticker decorations on the door (wreath), and decorate the trees. Christmas stickers or left over wrapping paper can be used to add these elements.

9. Stickers are also a great option to add other elements to discuss the seasons, climate/weather. You can help child draw in people figures of your family and pets to reinforce a My Home (family) theme.

Other activities:
* Set wooden blocks or Lego blocks for children to make houses.
* After the children have completed their house ask them to describe them: the colors, the shapes and anything they may want to express about their creations.

easy shapes home house craft
Easy Shapes House

Shapes for house & trees

black & white

Positioning house template

letter h house home printable activities
Letter H Home printable activities

* two sheets white paper
* scissors
* coloring tools
* Read instructions to add a variety of materials to decorate the house scene.

* Include a book about shapes before starting the craft. Check the book recommendation.