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Activity:  "I Can Decorate with Colors and Shapes"
Print and choose the shapes fun sheets you would like to use. This activity involves learning to recognize basic shapes and seven colors:  primary, secondary, and brown or pink.

* Child will identify the shapes and colors.

* Older children can trace the dotted lines first for pre-writing practice.

* Additional tips and instructions are provided for each activity worksheet description to add fun and decorations.

* Toddlers and preschoolers should be encouraged to practice using scissors.

* Use a glue stick to attach the shapes and other decorations.

Select a theme:
Ages 2 to 6

Hot Air Balloon

Aviation | Transportation

and template

Leprechaun Hat
St. Patrick's Day

and templates

Christmas Tree
Christmas Trees

and templates

Santa Claus & Wreath

Santa Claus Theme

and templates

* paper 
* coloring pencils crayons or markers.
* glue stick
* scissors