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Barney The Purple Dinosaur
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Barney web site at PBS
18 months to 6 years old:
*  When children love a cartoon and/or TV character this gives us a great opportunity to use this character for fun educational activities.

*  Barney or Baby Bop is going to help our children to have fun with purple and green today and to recognize the letter B b.

*  These images were selected because they are quite large and perfect for young children: 18 months to 6 years old.

*  Don't limit this activity to just crayons or markers.  

*  Place a paper plate filled with other items to decorate the page, here are some suggestions:

*18 months to 2 year olds: You may want to use vanilla pudding or yogurt, add food coloring to make purple and green -- you have safe edible finger paint.

For children 2+ and older:
* After viewing a Barney TV episode, video, reading a book or story time online, proceed to introduce this activity.
*  Ask the child which image s/he would prefer for the activity: Barney or Baby Bop.

*Print the image and proceed to demonstrate how to write a large letter Bb (upper & lower case) inside the body of the image with a black marker.  Discuss that B is the first letter in Barney and Baby Bop.  Encourage child to trace the letter with a finger.  Children 3.5 plus can try to trace with a crayon or marker.

*Idea #1:  Make a Mosaic.
Depending on the age you may have to assist with scissor cutting. Child can cut up purple and green construction paper or tissue paper in medium pieces, and  brush diluted white glue over the coloring page.  Glue the pieces in mosaic pattern.  Suggest to place purple and green pieces in right areas of the body.

*Idea #2: Paint and Learn How Purple and Green are Obtained.
Demonstrate how purple and green are obtained by mixing red & blue,  and green is obtained by mixing yellow & blue. Use two paper plate to make the demonstration and then use these for painting the image.

*Idea  #3:  Decorate with Toilet Paper & Sponge Paint
Cut up white toilet paper and glue onto the coloring page image, then sponge paint over the tissue paper.  Make sure to show the child the sponging technique. Using a pressing and lifting motion.  Discuss how this technique creates a different texture.  

Optional Activities:
*Hand Puppet or Wall Decoration using decorated image:

  1. If you printed on card stock or glue the image to card board,  Barney or Baby Bog can easily become a hand puppet for story time. Cut around the finished image and glue a craft stick (Popsicle) or add a string or ribbon to hang on the wall.

*Tip:  Save and use the puppet or hanging decoration for future activities.  You can add other items to the image by cutting a hat for a holiday or other item, such a small basket of Easter eggs, or a pumpkin for the Fall.  You can obtain these decorations from other coloring pages or drawing simple ones that the child can color and decorate. 

*Remember to write child's name with dots on the coloring page and have the child try to connect the dots (on the front or the back of the and puppet/decoration.

Print your choice of Barney or Baby Bop coloring page or activity page at Barney's PBS website

*print coloring page image on white paper or card stock to make a puppet

*glue image to card board if you wish to make a puppet or decoration.

*something to color or paint with

1. cut-up purple and green construction paper or tissue paper.
2. cut-up white toilet paper
3. Purple and green paint
4.  Paper plate to mix red & blue to make purple and blue and yellow for green.
5.  scissors
6.  craft stick or string 




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