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Pinocchio Story Coloring Book

Pinocchio Stoy Coloring Book
Preschool Printable Activities

This story is recommended for ages 5+ and older.

Materials: paper, staper, coloring tools. Obtain a book or view video of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio Story Coloring Book 12 pages - numbered

Activity 1:  View Movie or Read a Book Version

While viewing and after viewing you may want discuss the movie and/or book and here are some ideas for dialogue, use your judgment on how to present these topics based on the child's age. Children will surely be asking many questions, and it is best to be prepared.

  • Jiminy Cricket represents the conscience (what is right?, what is wrong?)
  • Pinocchio is the young wood puppet who yearns to be a real boy, and gets in quite a bit of trouble by not being obedient, fibbing, talking to strangers, picking the wrong company, and not listening to Jiminy Cricket, his conscience.
  • The Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to life and says to him: "be brave, truthful and unselfish and you will become a real boy someday."  Discussing what is brave, truthful and unselfish is easier by using examples in the movie, you may want to rewind the movie to show the meaning of these words.
  • Geppetto is the loving father that loves Pinocchio even when he gets in trouble. Unconditional love.

Activity 2:  Making a Pinocchio Coloring Storybook 
Here are 12 coloring book pages that sequence and highlight Pinochio's tale. The pages have no text and  have been numbered chronologically.   

Ideas for using the coloring book pages:
Activity:  Writing a Storybook

  • Discuss what the children see in each image and what they remember.  Ask them to describe what they see as if they were telling the story and you will write the story for them.  Write as much as you can in their own words at the bottom of the page.  This does not have to be done all at once may, it can be staggered in three or four a day.
  • Assemble the book:
    A cover has been provided in color.  Cut around frame and glue on piece of construction paper and do the same with the coloring pages gluing in order in front and back of construction paper to resemble a book and staple.  Practice the numbers while putting and gluing the pages together.
  • Binding:  Cut a strip of construction paper lengthwise about 1 1/2 " fold and glue it on for binding and covering the staples.

    Your homemade Pinocchio coloring storybook is ready to read with the children's version in their own words and to color!