External Resources for
Alphabet and Language Arts Printable Activities

Here is a list of external links of my favorite alphabet printable external resources, an extension of Alphabet Printable Activities.  Create colorful alphabet theme books for home, daycare, preschool or the elementary classroom.  You can never have enough alphabet materials to display and stimulate interest in the alphabet. - Alphabet Coloring Pages
This alphabet features the letter inside of the image and helps to remember and associate the letter with the image. Alphabet Printable Activities

Coloring Pages & Color Posters
DLTK's Letter Tracers
Tracer pages in Standard block, Script available in English, French & Spanish. Language Arts

Dolch Word Lists and Flashcards, Kindergarten Consonants, Preschool Writing Practice, Word Families, Customizable Alphabet Tracer Pages available in Standard block, Script and Cursive Style.
Seasonal & Holiday Alphabet Printable Posters
External Resource:  Alphabet Books
[All in PDF format - color only]
Assembled for the Center of Improvement for Early Reading Achievement by Laura B. Smolkin
A February Alphabet 
A Halloween Alphabet
A Springtime Alphabet
A Thanksgiving Alphabet
A Winter Alphabet
A Winter Holidays Alphabet
Theme Alphabet Printable Coloring Pages or Color Posters

Food Fun from Apples to Zucchinin Coloring Book

Excellent online and printable fun activities for foods A to Z.   Review the Teacher's Guide [PDF]
Courtesy of University of Illinois Extension

High Flyers Alphabet Activity Book
NASA conducts aeronautics research. The High Flyers Alphabet Activity Book introduces basic aeronautics terms. Students can color and practice letter writing, learn new words, solve simple addition
 problems and more. [PDF]

A Transportation Alphabet
Assembled for the Center of Improvement for Early Reading Achievement by Laura B. Smolkin [PDF Format - in Color only]