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Come and have fun with chick, chicken or hen theme preschool activities and crafts suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.  Visit a theme section for lesson plans, printable crafts, activities, and related early childhood resources.


Alphabet lesson plan printable activities for:

Lesson plan includes: 
  • Worksheet and mini-book program
  • Handwriting worksheets
  • Word search, online puzzle, and more.

Coloring Pages
Chick, Chicken, Hen or Rooster Printable Crafts
printable easy shapes littel red hen
chicken, chick or hen stand up printable craft

easy shapes chick printable craft
Easy Shapes Chicken or Hen Craft
(greeting card option)
Stand-up Chicken | Chick | Hen Craft
(small & large)
Easy Shapes Chick Craft
(greeting card option)
printable chicken or rooster craft with handprints

printable stand up rooster craft
printable chicken or rooster craft with handprints
Handprints Chicken or Rooster Craft
(can use a small paper plate)
Stand-up Rooster
(large & small version)
Chicken or Rooster Craft
(EGG shapes & and handprints)
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Online Jigsaw Puzzles
chick and eggs online jigsaw puzzle chicken or hen nesting and chick online jigsaw puzzle