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Farm animals and farm theme coloring pages are an extension of farm animals activities and crafts. These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. 
Farm Animals Coloring Pages
Coloring Book Cover 1 - Black & White
Coloring Book Cover 2 - Black & White
Coloring Book Cover 2 - Color
Typical Animals in the Farm Other Animals in the Farm
Cattle: bull, cow, ox, etc. (various)
Chick & chicken (various)
Donkey & mule (various)
Goat (various)
Horse (various)
Lamb & sheep (various)
Pig (various)
Rooster (various)
Turkey (various)

Bats (various)
Duck (various)
Goose (various)
Insects & bugs (various)
Llama 1, 2
Mouse [rodents] (various)
Owls (various)
Pets: dogs, cats, etc.
Rabbit (various)
Other Farm Theme Coloring Pages
Barn and silo
Cowboy (child) | Cowboy & horse 1Cowboy & horse 2
Farmer and Farming Theme:
Farmer (child)

Farmer & harvest basket
Farmer and harvest cornucopia
Farmer plowing field
Harvest canning
Scarecrow theme [various]
Farm Animals, Pets and Bugs Theme Numbers & Shapes Flash Cards
Flash Cards
Farm Animals, Pets and Insects (Bugs) Theme - Numbers 1 - 20 and Shapes
in color only
Farm Theme Alphabet Printable Activities
Visit the Animals Alphabet

Font types:  DN = D'Nealian    SB = Standard block     GN = Generic
Pig Paper Bag Puppet Craft Pig poster and coloring page activities
Pig poster and coloring page activities

Activities and crafts Color poster Coloring page Handwriting Worksheet
Chick | Chicken Digraph Ch Chicks | Chicken printable activities
Cow Cow printable activities
DN | SB brown
DN | SB gray
Duck DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Egg GN -- DN | SB
Farmer DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Goat Goat printable activities
Hen Hen printable activities
Horse Horse printable activities
Lamb *Bible alphabet -- DN | SB DN | SB
Ox (oxen) Ox printable activities
Rooster Rooster printable activities
Sheep Digraph Sh Sheep printable activities
Tractor *land transport Tractor printable activities
Turkey DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Yoke *Bible alphabet -- DN | SB DN | SB
X: Ox ends with X Letter X:  Ox ends with X printable activities
Related Alphabet Themes: Nutrition (Foods from the Farm)
Other themes containing related coloring pages
Autumn Harvest | Easter | Flowers | Nutrition | Spring | Thanksgiving | Trees
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The Farmer's Market Coloring Book
Having Fun at the Farmer's Market Coloring and Activity Book (PDF)