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Enjoy horses coloring pages (equestrian theme) suitable for preschool and kindergarten.
General Horses Theme Coloring Pages
Learn about Equestrianism: The skill to ride and drive horses.
Horse 1 Horses 9 | Equestrian Jockey
Horse 2 Horse 10 | Cowboy
Horse 3 Horses 11 | Cowboy
Horses 4 | Wild Horses Horses 12 | Trainer
Horse 5 Horses 13 | Farmer Plowing Field
Horse 6 Horses 14
Horse 7 Pony and Children
Horses 8 | Mare and Colt Horse 16

letter h horse printable activities  letter h horse printable activities
Letter H Horse Printable Activities
Includes:  activity worksheet, poster, mini-book, word search with handwriting practice and more.

Equestrian Theme
Olympic sport
Equestrian - coloring page 1
Equestrian - coloring page 2
color poster 1
color poster 2
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