Butterfly and Caterpillar Coloring Pages
and Printable ActivitiesButterfly and Caterpillar Coloring Pages
and Printable Activities

Enjoy these free coloring pages to color, paint or crafty educational projects for young children and the young at heart. These are an extension of insects and bugs preschool activities and crafts.

Caterpillar & chrysalis stage:

letter c caterpillar printable activities
Letter C Caterpillar printable activities
caterpillar coloring page
caterpillar coloring page
Caterpillar eating a leaf
caterpillar and flowers coloring page
acraea moth caterpillar coloring page
Acraea moth caterpillar
caterpillar and bird coloring page
Caterpillar & bird - chick
[birds coloring]
chrysalis butterfly pupa colorng page
Chrysalis - butterfly pupa

Butterfly & Moth theme:

letter b butterfly printable activities
Letter B Butterfly printable activities
butterfly facts coloring page
Butterfly fun facts
butterfly coloring page
butterfly coloring page
butterfly and flower coloring page
Butterfly & flower/leaves
pollination theme
[more flowers]
butterfly pattern coloring page
Butterfly pattern
[more patterns]
chasing a butterfly coloring page
Chasing a butterfly
moth coloring page
luna moth coloring page
Luna moth