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Caribou, Elk, Moose, Reindeer, Wapiti

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Enjoy deer theme coloring pages, an extension of deer theme preschool activities and crafts.  These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.
Alphabet Printable Activities & Lesson Plans
Letter D Deer

Letter E Elk

Letter M Moose

Letter R Reindeer

May include color poster, coloring page, handwriting worksheets,
activity worksheet with mini-book, word search, and more.
Available in D'Nealian and Standard block handwriting font.
caribou or reindeer coloring pages
Color this!
Caribou or reindeer 1
Caribou or reindeer 2
Caribou or reindeer 3 [online jigsaw puzzle]
Caribou or reindeer coloring page [online jigsaw puzzle]
(appropriate for Canada Day or Valentine's Day theme)

Christmas theme:
Caribou or reindeer with ornaments

Caribou or reindeer & koala
Reindeer and Christmas tree 1 | 2

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American Elk - Wapiti
deer coloring page
1 - 2 - Mule Deer
Doe and fawn
Fawn [young deer]
[more animal babies & families]

moose coloring page
Moose [or European Elk] 1 | 2