Mouse Coloring Pages
(and other rodents)

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Enjoy mouse coloring pages and other rodents, an extension of the mouse theme preschool activities and crafts.  These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

Alphabet Printable Activities
May include: color poster, coloring page, handwriting worksheets, word search and more.
Letter G Gerbil

Letter G Groundhog

Letter M Mouse

Letter R Rat

Note:  Use mice coloring pages for a rat theme
Mouse (realistic)
Mouse and acorn
Mouse and umbrella
Jack- o'-lantern and mice (Halloween)
Aesop Fable:  The Lion and the Mouse [activities]
Other Rodents Coloring Pages
Beaver (various)
Chinchilla rat
Gerbil (popular pet)
Groundhog | Woodchuck
Hamster (popular pet)
Desert kangaroo rat
Porcupine 1, 2, 3
Prairie dog 1, 2
Rat (popular pet) | Desert Woodrat
Squirrel (various)