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Beach theme coloring pages (or seashore theme) is an extension of Beach and Seashore Preschool Activities and crafts.  These are suitable for preschool and kindergarten.

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Beach | Seashore Alphabet Theme Printable Activities
Font types:  GN = Generic  DN = D'Nealian  SB = Standard Block
Activities Poster Coloring page Handwriting
Beach Ball GN GN DN | SB
Boat Letter B is for Boat Printable Activities
Island DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Ocean Letter O is for Ocean Printable Activities
(to protect us from the sun)
Yacht Letter Y is Yacht Printable Activities
Ocean and Seashore Theme Alphabet Printables & Activities Ocean | Seashore Animals Alphabet Printable Materials (various)
Beach | Seashore Theme Coloring Pages
Idea: print or trace on card stock or carton, cut out and attach to a colorful paper chain.
Building a Sandcastle
Mermaid (or The Little Mermaid fairy tale)
Pirate Theme Coloring Pages
Ocean Animals (Seashore)
Summer Sports (for the beach/ocean):
Water - Aquatic Sports > Rowing, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Swimming, etc.

Volleyball  coloring page | poster
Teddy Bears at the Beach / Seashore:
Teddy bear at the beach/ seashore [water safety]

Teddy bear going for a swim [water safety]

Teddy bears sailing

Teddy bear with sunglasses [sun protection]

Teddy bears sunbathing [use sun block]

Teddy bears playing in the sand at the beach:  1 | 2

Water Transportation [Maritime]
Writing paper: General Summer Theme [Ocean/Beach]
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