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New Testament Coloring Pages 2

Enjoy these coloring pages, an extension of Bible activities and crafts suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Links to the International Children's Bible @ Select to print with text or no text version.


jesus feeds the five thousant coloring page
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
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John 6:1-15
the faith of the centurion coloring page
The Faith of the Centurion
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Luke 7:1-10

the parable of the lost sheep coloring page
The Parable of the Lost Sheep
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Luke 15:1-7

the parable of the lost son coloring page
  The Parable of the Lost Son
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Luke 15:11-32

zacchaeus the tax collector
Zacchaeus The Tax Collector

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Luke 19:1-10

jesus teaches the beatitudes coloring page
Jesus Teaches - The Beatitudes
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Matthew 5
jesus prays on the mount of olives coloring page
Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives
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Luke 22:39-46

crucifixion coloring page
The Crucifixion 1
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Luke 23:1-49

crucifixion coloring page
The Crucifixion 2
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[Letter C Cross activities]
resurrection angel appears at the tomb coloring page
Angel Appears at the Tomb
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[Resurrection activities]
Matthew 28:1-10
resurrection jesus appears to thomas coloring page
The Resurrection:
Jesus Appears to Thomas

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John 20:24-31
the holy spirit comes a t pentecost coloring page 
The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost
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Acts 2:1-13