Patterns and Templates for Coloring
and Easy Crafts 3

Enjoy these free printable patterns to color, paint or easy crafty educational projects for young children, preschool, kindergarten and early elementary.


holly leaf pattern large coloring page
Holly leaf pattern large
holly leaf patterns medium coloring page
Holly leaf pattern medium
holly leaf patterns small coloring page
Holly leaf pattern small

house pattern template coloring page
House pattern

[all Houses-Homes]
maple tree pattern large coloring pages
Maple leaf pattern
autumn colors - B/W
maple leaves patterns coloring page
Maple leaves
autumn colors - B/W
mittens large pattern coloring page
Mittens pattern large
mittens medium patterns coloring page
Mittens patterns medium
mittens small patterns coloring page
Mittens small patterns


Oak leaf pair
autumn colors - B/W
[autumn & leaves]

Oval pattern large