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Water transportation coloring pages and activity worksheets, is an extension of water transportation theme related lesson plans, crafts and activities for preschool and kindergarten.

Transportation theme coloring pages:
Alphabet | Air | Land | Outer Space | Water

Alphabet, coloring and activity

Letter A Ark activities [Noah's Ark]
Letter B Boat craft activities
Standard block Handwriting format
Consonant Digraph Sh Ship Activities
[Columbus Ship or Mayflower]
Letter Y Yacht craft activities
Standard block Handwriting format
Coloring Pages

Anchor:   Color, cut-out and make a colorful paper chain and attach to anchor.
Kayak poster | coloring 1 |
coloring 2
Pirate ship 1, 2
Rowing Boat:  coloring page  poster
Sailboat:  1 | 2 with Teddy bears | 3> Dinghy poster & coloring
Ship 1, 2 > appropriate for Columbus Day or Mayflower theme
Ship > Ocean Liner
Steamboat or riverboat
Related:  Lighthouse