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Enjoy our free angels coloring pages. These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.  Make sure to visit other coloring page categories on the left index.

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Alphabet letter A is for Angel Printable Activities
*Visit the Bible alphabet coloring pages

Angel Patterns | Templates:

Large-1        Medium-2        Small-4

General Angels Coloring Pages:

Angel 1
Angel 2

Angel 3

Angel 4

Angel 5

Angel 6

Angel 7
Angel 8

Angel 9
Angel 10
Angel 11

Angel 12 - Teddy Bear 1
Angel 13 - Teddy Bear 2
Angel 14 - Teddy Bear 3
Angel 15 - Teddy Bear 4

Angels in the Bible
Coloring pages with brief text and no text
Links to Bible scripture and related activities

Luke 1:26-38:  The Annunciation - Angel Gabriel
Coloring pages: #1 brief text | #1 no text#2 text
*The Annunciation activities & crafts*

Luke 2:8-20:  Angel Visits the Shepherds -  
Coloring page: with text | no text 
*Sheep & Shepherd theme coloring pages*

Matthew 28:1-10:  The Resurrection: Angel Appears at the Tomb 
Coloring page:  with text | no text | online coloring page 
*The Resurrection activities*

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