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Bible coloring pages of the New Testament, an extension of Bible preschool activities and crafts. These are suitable for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, VBS and Sunday school.

  The coloring pages have links to the International Children's Bible [ICB] courtesy of to aid you in presenting and preparing activities/lesson plans. You can select a different Bible version and language.
Description & Bible Passage Coloring pages Activities
Luke 1:26-38 The Annunciation  1 w/text1 no text
2 w/text
The Annunciation
Luke 2:1-7 Journey to Bethlehem with textno text Donkey activities
Luke 2 The First Christmas | Nativity   with text | no text
Christmas Nativity crafts
Luke 2:8-20  Angel Visits the Shepherds   with text | no text  Angel activities
Shepherd activities
Matthew 2:1-12 Three Wise Men follow a star to visit Baby Jesus [EpiphanyThree Kings Day - Jan. 6] with text | no text | #2 W is for Wise Men
Star activities
Luke 2:41-51 The Boy Jesus at the Temple   with text | no text --
Matthew 3 The Baptism of Jesus   with text | no text Dove activities
Water activities
Matthew 4:18-20  The Calling of the First Disciples   with text | no text Fish activities
John 6:1-15  Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand   with text | no text  Fish activities
Luke 7:1-10  The Faith of the Centurion  with text | no text --
Luke 15:1-7  The Parable of the Lost Sheep  with text | no text Sheep activities
Shepherd activities
Luke 15:11-32  The Parable of the Lost Son   with text | no text --
Luke 19:1-10  Zacchaeus The Tax Collector with text | no text Z is for Zacchaeus
Matthew 5  Jesus Teaches the Crowds - The Beatitudes with text | no text --
Matthew 21:1-11  Palm Sunday  with text | no text Donkey activities
Plants of the Bible Craft
Luke 22:7-38  Mark 14:12-26 The Last Supper with text | no text --
Luke 22:39-46  Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives with text | no text P is for Prayer
Luke 23:1-49  Jesus carrying the cross
The Crucifixion
with text | no text
with text | no text
C is for Cross lesson plan
Matthew 28:1-10  The Resurrection: Angel Appears at the Tomb  with text | no text
The Resurrection activities
John 20:24-31 The Resurrection: Jesus Appears to Thomas with text | no text --
Acts 1:1-11  The Ascension  with text | no text The Ascension activities
Acts 2:1-13  The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost  with text | no text --
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