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Bible coloring pages of the Old Testament, an extension of Bible Preschool Activities and Crafts.  These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten, VBS and Sunday school.

Notes:  Each coloring page has links to the Bible chapter and/or passages courtesy of to aid you in presenting and preparing activities/lesson plans.

Noah and the Dove -  Genesis 8
coloring pages: with text | no text     
Dove activities and crafts

The Tower of Babel - Genesis 11:1-9
coloring pages: no text | T is for Tower

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors - Genesis 37:1:4
 coloring pages: no text

The Birth of Moses - Exodus 2:1-10
coloring pages:  w/text | no text | M is for Moses

Moses and the Burning Bush - Exodus 3
coloring pages:  no text

Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea - Exodus 14:10-31
coloring pages:  w/text | no text

The Walls of Jericho Falls Down - Joshua 6:1-26
coloring pages: no text

Samuel anoints David - 1 Samuel 16:1-13
coloring pages:  no text

David and Goliath - Samuel 17
coloring pages:  no text | G is for Goliath

Jonah and the Big Fish  - Jonah 1-4
coloring page:  no text | Fish or Whale activities

A Little Child - Isaiah 11:6 - Chapter:  Isaiah 11 
coloring page:  w/text | no text

Daniel in the Den of Lions - Daniel 6
coloring page:  no text
Lion activities and crafts

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