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Community Helpers and careers coloring pages and color posters are an extension of Community Helpers Preschool Activities and Crafts.  These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.
General Community Helpers Coloring pages

Athletes and sports related careers [various]

Artist | Painter
dramatic play

Astronaut coloring page | poster

Baker 1 | 2, 3

Beekeeper or apiarist

Cafeteria worker [school]

Cameraperson [TV Media] coloring page | poster

Coach | Instructor [Figure skating] coloring page | poster


Construction workers [Builders]

Cook | Chef 1 | 2 | 4

Cowboy [child) 1
dramatic play dress up | Cowboy 2 | Cowboy 3

Crossing guard [at school]

Dentist related: dental health coloring pages

Doctor (child)
dramatic play
Doctor - Nurse or Veterinarian (child) boy - girl > dramatic play

Driver [school bus]

Farmer (child)
| Farmer and harvest basket | Farmer and harvest cornucopia | Farm plowing field with horses

Fisher - Fisherman coloring page | color poster

Firefighter | Fire fighter | Fireman 1 | 2 (child) | Fire Truck / Fire Engine

Garbage collectors | truck [waste management] and garbage truck

Gardener - Forester - Landscaper - Planting a Tree

Letter carrier [mailman, mail carrier, postal worker] 1 | 2


Lifeguard [life guard]

Lumberjack: Paul Bunyan The Giant Lumberjack | Paul Bunyan, The Giant Lumberjack and his Blue Ox Babe


News | Jouranlist | Media Reporter poster | coloring page

Nurse (child) Dramatic Play Dress up

Pilot: Amelia Earhart coloring page | poster

Police Officer [child] > dramatic play

Police Officer:  Canada's RCMP - The Mounties (Child) > dramatic play

Politician / Elected government official: Presidents of the United States

Sports Related Careers [various]

Teacher 1  2 [Circle Time, Story time, etc.]



Cartoon - Animated Images Depicting Community Helpers
Teddy Bear Baker | Chef | Cook
Other people related coloring pages
Fictional characters or people in earlier times
Medieval (royalty) and fantasy characters
(king, queen, jester, elf, wizard, etc.)
Colonial times:  The Pilgrims and early Native Americans
Pirates Coloring Pages