Teddy Bears Coloring Pages
for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarten

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Teddy bear coloring pages, an extension of teddy bears theme  and toys and games theme suitable for preschool and kindergarten.
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Teddy Bears

Teddy bear- Angel baby

Teddy bear - Angel with bow

Teddy bear - Angel girl with hearts

Teddy bear - Angel with overalls

Teddy bear > baker | chef | cook | community helper

Teddy bear with bandana

Teddy bear in basket and floating balloon

Teddy bear clown costume

Teddy bear inside Christmas stocking

Teddy bear with earmuffs

Teddy bears holding hands - friendship theme

Teddy bear going for a swim - summer

Teddy bear - I am sorry

Teddy bear - Ice cream fun

Teddy bear with jack-o' -lantern - pumpkin

Teddy bears picnic Teddy bears sailing

Teddy bears  - Playing in the sand 1 - summer

Teddy bears - Playing in the sand 2 - summer

Teddy bear sitting 1 Teddy bear sitting 2

Teddy bear at the seashore - summer

Teddy bear standing 1

Teddy bears sunbathing - summer

Teddy bear with sunglasses

Teddy bear walking

Playing and learning with Teddy bears

Doctor or veterinarian (child) dramatic play dress up and teddy bear patient

Doctor, nurse or veterinarian" (child) dramatic play dress up and teddy bear patient

Alphabet Theme - Bears
DN = D'Nealian         SB = Standard Block
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Letter B Bear DN  SB DN  SB DN  SB
Letter P Panda DN  SB DN  SB DN  SB
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Teddy bears or Bears in Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
Little Bear Discovers Goldilocks

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
Papa Bear & Bowl of Porridge

Pease Porridge Hot with text

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Nursery Rhyme #1 w/text

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Nursery Rhyme #2 w/text

Realistic Bears in the Wild
Bears coloring pages (includes Polar bear)
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