Winter Coloring Pages
for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten

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Enjoy free winter coloring pages, an extension of Winter Season Preschool Activities and Crafts suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

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Winter Alphabet Themes Printable Activities
description links to related activities and/or crafts
DN  =  D'Nealian    SB = Standard block    GN = Generic
example activity or craft
example color poster
exanoke coloring page
example handwriting worksheet
Activities & Crafts Color poster Coloring page Handwriting Worksheet
Gingerbread Man DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Icicle GN GN DN | SB
Snow DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Alphabet Themes for Winter:
Christmas | Forest Animals - Woodlands | Polar Theme [Arctic & Antarctica]
Mittens [blank patterns below]

Rabbit in winter with lantern


Snow theme coloring pages:
snow, snowflakes, snowmen, etc.

Teddy bear with earmuffs

Winter Sports Coloring Pages
Gingerbread Man | Woman Theme Coloring Pages
Gingerbread boy and girl patterns below
Winter - Patterns
Suggestions for use: Make holiday ornaments, greeting cards, gift tags, decorate: gift bags, gifts, picture frames, bookmarks, scrap booking
Teaching Aid: Practice Alphabet, Numbers-Math, Calendar, Name Tags, Bulletin Board Decorations
Trace pattern over fun foam, felt, Styrofoam trays or any recyclable materials.  Make stencils. Trace small patter over sponges, to make sponging cut-outs for painting.

Gingerbread boy:  Small-4 | Medium-2 | Large-1

Gingerbread girl:  Small-4 | Medium-2 | Large-1

Mitten (pairs) patterns:  Small-4  | Medium-2Large-1

Snowflake for making a chain (with instructions)  Large-1

Snowman patterns:  Small-4 | Medium-2 | Large-1 

More patterns:  Christmas Holidays Patterns
Related Coloring Pages
Forest Animals for a  Winter Theme

[bear, cardinal, deer, and more!]
Polar Animals for a Winter Theme
[caribou | reindeers, penguins, polar bears, and more!]
Winter Holidays Coloring Pages:
Christmas | Hanukkah | Kwanzaa
winter printable activiites
Winter Printable Activities