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Enjoy Arbor Day theme educational activities for preschool and kindergarten.  Arbor Day is celebrated the last Friday in April.  You will find printable crafts and activities, coloring pages with easy to follow lesson plan instructions, and related resources.  These activities are adaptable for environmental science, other themes and holidays listed.

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letter a acorn printable activities letter f forester printable activities
letter l leaf printable activities letter o oak printable activities
letter t tree printable activities
Alphabet lesson plans and printable materials for:

A is for Acorn (the fruit and seed of an oak tree

A is for Apple (apples grow on trees)

Consonant digraph Ch Cherries (cherries grow on trees)

F is for Forester

L is for Leaf

O is for Oak

T is for Tree
Animals Forest | Woodland Animals | Rainforest Animals >  Incorporate activities related to forest animals that depend on the health of trees in the forest and urban areas.
Books Dr. Seuss' The Lorax [many printable activities]

Coloring Pages and Printable Activities

Arbor Day theme coloring pages: includes leaves, acorns and more

Forest | Woodland Animals coloring pages
Colors & Shapes
colorful trees flash cards and worksheet the lorax
colorful trees color word worksheets
Colorful Trees > Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Lesson plan for flash cards

* Colorful Trees > flash cards and worksheets [Book: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax|

* Easy Shapes Trees Craft (see image below in crafts):  Learning about trees, online activities, the shape of trees.
Community Helpers Forester: Community Helper: Learn about the three main responsibilities of the forester and the role he plays in taking care of trees.
apple trees and johnny appleseed coloring crafty project

Easy Shapes Trees
turkey leaf crafts
Turkey Crafts
featuring Maple, Oak Tree Leaves or Pine Cones >
Acorns Theme
* Apple trees & Johnny Appleseed - coloring page crafty project

* Easy Shapes Trees Craft

Evergreen Trees:
* Pine Cone Turkey Craft

Deciduous Trees:
* Maple Tree Theme: Single Maple Leaf Turkey Craft, Maple Leaves Turkey Crafts  

* Oak Tree Theme: Oak Leaves and Acorn Turkey Craft: celebrate America's Choice for a National Tree at

* Acorn theme activities and craft
Fables and Fairy Tales Aesop's fable:  The Plane Tree
Aesop's fable:  The Oak and the Reeds
Holidays & Events These activities can be adapted also for the following events:
* April 22nd > Earth Day
* June 5th > World Environment Day
* July 1st - Canada Day > Maple Leaf Turkeys crafts listed above
* Johnny Appleseed's Birthday Sep 26th (Apple trees)
* Thanksgiving (turkey crafts)
Online Jigsaw Puzzles * Autumnal Tree
* Autumn Tree & Fallen Leaves
* O is for Oak tree
Seasons * Dress Up A Tree For a Season

* Learn about the Seasons with Trees Online activity "A Year in the Life of Tree" (deciduous trees)

*Autumn changes: Why do tree leaves turn or change colors in Autumn?
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Forest Theme and Trees resources