Canada Day
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for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Welcome to Canada Day educational activities for preschool and kindergarten.  You will find free printable, lesson plans, crafts and activities with easy to follow instructions, and related resources.  Canada Day is celebrated July the 1st.

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G is for Goose (Canadian Goose)
M is for Moose
Q is for Quilt > Canada Quilt
Alphabet printable activities for:
Forest | Woodlands Animals
> Canadian Wildlife
Polar (Arctic) Animals
> Canadian Wildlife
Coloring Pages
Canada theme coloring pages and posters
Forest | Woodlands Animals
Polar (Arctic) Animals
Winter Sports
Community Helper Royal Canadian Mounted Police:
featured in the Canada paper quilt craft
canada paper quilt craft
Canada paper quilt craft
canada woodland and polar animals crafts
Canada's Woodland Animals & Polar (Arctic) Animals
Goose crafts (adapt to Canadian Goose)
Canada paper quilt craft
Caribou and Moose crafts
Forest | Woodland Animals crafts
Maple Leaves Turkey Crafts (for Canada Day or Thanksgiving in Canada)
Polar (Arctic) Animals crafts
Online Jigsaw Puzzles * Beaver | Canadian Flag | Map
* Beaver | Maple Leaf
* Caribou & Maple Leaves
* Mounties | RCMP
Online Stories and Activities Online resources to learn about Canada:  National symbols
*All animals have online stories and online resources.