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United States patriotic educational activities and crafts for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.  You will find printable crafts, activities and coloring pages with easy to follow instructions, and related resources.

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The activities are suitable for the following national holidays:
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Presidents' Day (observed third Monday)
June 14th >
Flag Day
May >
Memorial Day (observed last Monday)
July 4th >
Independence Day | Fourth of July
November 11th >
Veteran's Day

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United States Patriotic Bald Eagle Preschool Craft and Activities

*Patriotic Bald Eagle Crafts with Uncle Sam Hat
*Alphabet letter E Eagle printable activities
*Online Activities:  The Bald Eagle USA National Bird, and The Great Seal of the United States.
*Online Puzzles
*Coloring Page: Bald Eagle and The Great Seal of the USA

Click on Option 1 or 2 to print USA Patriotic Bookmark Preschool Craft

U.S.A. Patriotic Bookmark Craft and learning learning activities: shapes, patriotic colors, citizenship, H is for Home printable activities, community helper: the librarian

United States Patriotic Teddy Bear Craft

Patriotic Teddy Bear Craft,  history of the teddy bear, named after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, letter B is for Bear, T is for Teddy Bear, online bear puzzle, number and shapes activities.

My Special U.S.A. Patriotic Alphabet
Practice tracing the alphabet A to Z in standard block format and writing given name.  Features a start dot to help children remember where to begin writing the letter.

Flag Theme Activities and Crafts
(Flag Day)

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark Preschool Craft

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark Craft and learning learning activities: shapes, colors, citizenship, F is for Flag printable activities.

United States Patriotic Note or Photo Holder Flag Preschool Craft

Patriotic Easy Shapes Flag Post-it Note Holder Craft, Patriotic holidays online resources, coloring pages & online puzzles.

My First United States Flag Activities

My First United States Flag Activity (Ages 2+)
Acquaint children with the United States Flag.  Discuss the flag elements - Children can decorate the blue area with white paint "star" fingerprints or star stickers.

My United States Flag Color-by-the-Word Preschool Printable Activity

My United States Flag Color-by-the Word Activity - Ages 3+
Acquaint children with the United States Flag.  Discuss the elements - "Read" the color words to color flag. Suggested activities on the template.

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F is for Flag Lesson Plan Printable Activities 

United States Patriotic Theme
Online Jigsaw Puzzles

(matching coloring page link included)

F is for Flag Online Jigsaw Puzzle

United States Flag and Bald Eagle Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Statue of Liberty, Flag and Fireworks Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Biographies: Notable Americans and Legends 
Activities and Crafts

These biographical and legendary activities of notable Americans may feature an online story, printable activities, coloring pages and other related craft activities.

United States Patriotic Theme Coloring Pages:

United States Presidents and Notable Americans Coloring Pages
Presidents & Notable Americans Coloring Pages

United States Patriotic Theme Posters and Coloring Pages  United States Patriotic Theme Posters and Coloring Pages
Patriotic Stars & Stripes Theme Posters and Coloring pages

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