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Welcome to Saint Valentine's Day educational activities, lesson plans and crafts for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.  Most of these activities and crafts are suitable for the following holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day.  The activities can be adapted for Teacher's Appreciation Week and Child Care Provider's Day.

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Letter H is for Heart

Features: :  Alphabet lesson plans printable materials, healthy heart, Bible verse, suggested crafts.

Doves and St. Valentine's Day

Features: Learn about the dove or pigeon, decorate a dove image or make DLTK's dove craft.

Easy Shapes Greeting Card
Easy Shapes Greeting Card

Easy Shapes Greeting Card
Easy Shapes Greeting Card

Features: Practice shapes, make a special greeting card, and learn about the holiday.

Hearts & Home Bookmark Craft
Easy Shapes 
Hearts & Home Bookmark

Letter H House Poster
Letter H House Lesson Plan
and Printable Activities

Features:  Letter H is for Hearts, Home and House or Letter V is for Valentine activities. Colors: Red and Blue, Book:  The Shape of Things.

Easy Shapes Post-It Note Holder FlagEasy Shapes Post-It Note Holder
Easy Shapes Post-it Note Holder Flag

Features: Practice shapes, make a special gift, and learn about the holiday.

Family or Unity Hand Flower Craft
Family or Unity Hand Flower

Features: A simple craft that can involve the entire family (hand cut-out or handprints from each member of the family), learn about the holiday.

Hearts Mouse CraftHearts Mouse Craft
Heart Shapes Animal Theme Crafts

Features:  These animal crafts are primary assembled with heart shapes.  The lesson plans features alphabet printable activities, animal facts, heart shape recognition practice, numbers and early math concepts: counting, sizing, sorting, picture book recommendations and more.

Easy Shapes Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Activities and Crafts

Dairy Basket Crafts & Recipe Cards
Dairy Basket & Recipe Cards

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