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You are invited to come and have fun with printable games and homemade toys.  in this section we will give you ideas on how to identify ordinary articles and recyclables around your home that can be used as educational and fun homemade toys.  We also will include great homemade toy ideas that you can make with your children with minimal effort using recyclables and affordable materials.

We will be introducing printable templates to make homemade toys and games, such as preschool puzzles, board games and flash card games that the children will love playing with.  Visit an educational theme or homemade toy description to find easy instructions, a list of materials needed.  For each homemade toy there are activities, suggestions and Internet links where applicable.

This is a labor of love in progress.  I would love to hear your kind comments and ideas to make this a better site. More activities will be added regularly!

Printable Games Organized by Type

Printable Homemade Toys

Dinosaur Diorama (external link)

Homemade Kites (three types)
A simple paper fold kite | Easy newspaper kite | Paper sled kite (external links)

Homemade musical instruments:
* Make a Joyful Noise
* Water & Colors Xylophone to explore music

Paper airplane (external links)

Printable Paper Bag Puppets
Paper bag puppets
: Animals theme

Select an animal on the right to print your animal progressive puzzles
Animals Progressive Printable Puzzles:
Alligator | Bull, Cow or Ox | Crocodile | Hare | Lion | Rabbit
Jesus has Risen Printable Puzzle
Bible:  "He is Risen" Puzzle
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Printable Cottage and Characters
Fairy Tales:  Goldilocks & The Three Bears Puzzle

Printable Games and Toys Organized by Theme


Generic Alphabet Flash Cards

Alphabet Flash Cards in color and coloring format to play concentration, memory, match (print each page twice)
Alphabet Dominoes:  D'Nealian or Standard block print handwriting format

Alphabet Word Searches: Four and eight word searches with pictures

Animal Theme Paper Bag Puppets

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Printable Cottage and Characters

Animals paper bag puppets and some with matching printable puzzles
Fairy Tales: Goldilocks & The Three Bears: cottage, puppets and printable puzzle  
Dinosaurs theme: Flash cards | Diorama (external resource)

Color Game Flash Cards

Colors Flash Cards (activity and online story):  play memory, concentration and more 


Make a Joyful Noise - homemade musical instruments: drum, tambourine and maracas - external link

Water & Colors Xylophone to explore music
Numbers & Shapes

Printable Dominoes - Dominos

Flash Cards to Learn Numbers, Shapes and identify animals in the farm, bugs and pets

Printable Dominoes | Dominos and Math activity worksheet
Numbers, Shapes and Animals Theme Flash Cards:
Play concentration, memory taking turns identifying shapes, numbers, and animals (farm theme, bugs and pets)