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Enjoy these free autumn acorns theme educational activities for preschool and kindergarten.  You will find printable crafts and activities with easy to follow lesson plan instructions, and related resources. 

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Lesson Plan Activities

Activity 1:  Preparation and introduction for the acorn theme.  Online resources for acorn information and images.
Activity 2:  Language > Proverbs (Sayings).  Great oaks from little acorns grow and bulletin board idea.

Acorn Theme Crafts

Acorn Craft
Acorn craft or Nut

acorn and oak leaves turkey craft
Acorn and Oak Leaves Turkey Craft

Activity 3:  Arts and Crafts > Acorn or nut printable craft.

letter a acorn printable activities  letter a acorn printable activities  letter a acorn printable activities

Activity 4:  Language Arts > Letter A is for Acorn Printable Activities
Activity 5:  Science and social studies > Review plant growth, autumn season and nutrition

Activity 6:  Autumn Acorns Number Worksheets
Activity 6:  Numbers > Autumn Acorns Worksheets and Numbers in a Jar, counting, estimating and learning to write numbers

acorns coloring pages and printable activities
Acorn Coloring Pages and Printable Materials
Forest and Trees External Resources