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January 2017 Printable Calendar

January holidays and events printable crafts, themes, activities, lesson plans and coloring pages suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.
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Holidays, Events and Observances Suggested Activities
National Bird Day - January 5th Birds theme
Twelfth Night - January 5th - 6th [info.]
Epiphany | Twelfth Day - January 6 [info.
Wise Men follow a star activities
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Birthday:  January 15, 1929

Observed:  3rd Monday of January
Martin Luther King, Jr, theme
National Penguin Awareness Day
January 20th
Penguin theme
Australia Day - January 26th Australia Day theme
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Birthday - January 27th * A Little Mozart: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
* V is for Violin activity
Chinese New Year - Jan. 28th, 2017
Year of the Rooster
Chinese New Year

National Puzzle Day - January 29th

alphabet online jigsaw puzzles a to z to  alphabet online jigsaw puzzles a to z
Alphabet with online jigsaw puzzles and links to related activities.
Bible  "He is Risen" printable puzzle 
Fairy Tales Goldilocks and The Three Bears printable puzzle
Homemade Toys Animals progressive printable puzzles
Online Jigsaw Puzzles Online jigsaw puzzles section and links to related activities.
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