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Pre-writing Skills

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Mazes are excellent vehicles to encourage pre-writing and problem solving skills.  These are suitable for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary grades.

Doing simple mazes is one way to help children to develop the small muscles needed to write.  Have children trace the path through the maze with a finger first and then with a crayon, coloring pencil or marker.

Bat and Haunted House Maze

Alphabet and color: Letter B tracing, identify the color of the bat and house.
Related themes:  Bats | Halloween

Jack-o'-lantern Maze

colorblack & white
Related themes:  Halloween | Jack-o'-lanterns & Pumpkins 

Olympic Torch Maze & Medal Craft
 | black and white
Related theme:  Olympic Games activities | Sports

Santa Claus Maze

Related themes: Christmas | Santa Claus - St. Nicholas
St. Patrick's Day Maze
Help the Leprechaun find the Pot of Gold
Color practice: Use GREEN to trace the path
colorblack & white
Related theme: St. Patrick's Day activities


Related themes: Snow and Snowmen | Winter

Spider and Web Maze

Alphabet & number practice: Letter S tracing, count legs of spider
Related themes: Halloween | Spiders

Fable > The Tortoise and the Hare

colorblack & white
Related themes: The Tortoise and the Hare Activities
printable christmas tree maze
Christmas Tree Maze

Related themes: Christmas | Trees

Turkey Maze

Related themes: Thanksgiving | Turkey