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Winter printable activities and  worksheets suitable for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and early elementary. These activities are an extension of the winter lesson plans and crafts theme.
Seasons Printable Activities
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winter alphabet tracing chart A Very Special Winter Alphabet Tracer Chart > Snowman theme
| Standard block
Skill:  Writing - Tracing Dotted Letters
Ages 5 - 7 Advanced Pre-K, K, 1st grade
Features a start dot to help children remember where to start tracing each letter. [more charts]
winter coloring pages
Winter Coloring Pages

Includes alphabet printable activities and worksheets
printaable snowman maze
Snowman Maze

Skills > Prewriting and problems solving. The maze solution is a "letter S" for Snowman. [more mazes]
Related themes:  Snow & Snowman | Weather
snowflakes and winter tree activity
Snowflakes and Winter Tree Activity Numbers 1 - 10
Related themes:  Numbers | Snow | Trees | Weather
winter word search
Winter Word Search

Word search with bookmark or handwriting to trace or write words.  Levels Preschool to 2nd grade 
More: Bookmarks | Word search
snowflakes theme writing paper
riting Paper:  Snowflakes theme
Related themes:  Snow | Handwriting
Make sure children practice writing their name in the worksheets or write the name for them so they get acquainted to their name in writing.