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Come and have fun with shapes activities for preschool and kindergarten.  Visit a theme to find activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed.  You will find crafts, printable activities, and related resources.

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Lesson Plans

Books The Shape of Things
Coloring and Printable Activities Coloring pages, flash cards and worksheets
Community Helpers * The Farmer or Shepherd: Easy Shapes Little Boy Blue
* The Baker:  Shapes Baker's Hat
Crafts - Shapes   

* Circles Caterpillar Craft
Circles Centipede Craft
* Circle Olympic Medal to Wear | Make an Olympic Flag
* Circles Panda Crafts
Circles Sand dollar Banner
* Circle Shapes Teddy Bear [head]
* Circle Shapes Teddy Bear Craft
* DLTK's Circle Bear Craft [external link]


Heart Shapes Animals Crafts (various)

Ovals (egg)

* Ovals Mouse
* Ovals Penguin
* Ovals Snake


* Star theme crafts
* Starfish or Sea Star crafts


Xylophone Craft

Various shapes with each craft

* Autumn | Fall Family Landscape Craft
* Balloon > Shapes Hot Air Balloon
* Shapes Baker's Hat
* Shapes Chick Craft | Shapes Chicken Craft or Hen Craft
Shapes Clown Craft
Shapes Duck Craft
Shapes Elephant Craft | Shapes Elephant Head (CD) Craft
* Shapes Hearts and Home Bookmark Craft
Shapes House or Home Craft
* Oval:  Humpty Dumpty Paper Craft
Shapes Ice Cream Cone Craft
Shapes Leprechaun | Shapes Leprechaun hat
Shapes Little Boy Blue (Farmer or Shepherd)
* Shapes Owl Craft
Shapes Post-It Note Holder Flag 
(3 color versions and black & white)

* Shapes Pumpkin Craft (Optional hat and bandana for Scarecrow version)
* Shapes Santa Claus | Santa Claus and Wreath
Shapes Star
Shapes Turtle or Tortoise Craft
Shapes Trees Craft | Shapes Christmas Tree
* U.S.A. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark Craft
* United States Patriotic Bookmark Craft-2 Versios
* Scarecrow Pumpkin Craft
* Wizard Craft

Holidays and Events Australia Day-Jan. 26: Hearts Koala Crafts
St. Valentine's Day (Feb),  Mother's Day (May), Father's Day (June), Grandparent's Day (Sept.), Teachers & Child Care Provider's Appreciation Day (May)
Easy Shapes Greeting Cards
* Easy Shapes Post-It Note Holder Flag
(3 color versions and black & white)

Hearts and Home Bookmark Craft
* Hearts Shapes Animals Crafts
March:  St. Patrick's Day & Irish American Heritage Month: 
Shapes Leprechaun | Shapes Leprechaun hat
April > Arbor Day - Earth Day | June > World Environment Day:
Easy Shapes Trees Craft
Easter > March or April
* Shapes Chick Craft
* Shapes Chicken or Little Red Hen Craft
Shapes Duck or Duckling Craft
* Shapes Greeting Cards 
(Bunny Rabbit Theme &  Bible: He is Risen)

* Hearts Bunny Rabbit or Hare Craft
* Hearts Lamb | Sheep Craft
England's Mothering Sunday: Easy Shapes Greeting Card
May: Child Care Provider Appreciation Day
Teacher's Appreciation Week
* Hearts Wise Owl Craft with Apple
* Heart Animal Crafts
Fourth of July - Independence Day
* Easy Shapes Post-It Note Holder Flag
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark Craft
* United States Patriotic Circles Teddy Bear
Halloween | Autumn
* Scarecrow Pumpkin or Jack-o'-Lantern Craft
* Wizard Craft
Christmas | Winter:
* Easy Shapes Santa Claus
* Hearts Penguin Craft

* Fun Colors and Shapes with Santa Claus
* Fun Colors and Shapes Christmas Tree
Nursery Rhymes Visit Nursery Rhymes section to find activities related to shapes.
Science Practice the Circle with The Eight Planets  
Online Story time & Activities

* The Story of Shapes and I Spy Shapes (activity)
* Shapes of Trees:  Trees are Terrific ... Travels with Pierre

Seasons Autumn | Fall Family Landscape Craft
Shapes * Circles Around Our Home
* I Can Trace and Decorate Shapes Activity Pages
Teddy Bears * Easy Shapes Teddy Bear Head Craft
* Easy Shapes Teddy Bear Craft