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Come and have fun with shapes activities for preschool and kindergarten.  Visit a theme to find activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed.  You will find crafts, printable activities, and related resources.

Theme Lesson Plans
Books The Shape of Things
Coloring and Printable Activities Coloring pages, flash cards and worksheets
Community Helpers * The Farmer or Shepherd: Easy Shapes Little Boy Blue
* The Baker:  Shapes Baker's Hat
Crafts - Shapes   
Circles * Circles Caterpillar Craft
Circles Centipede Craft
* Circle Olympic Medal to Wear | Make an Olympic Flag
* Circles Panda Crafts
Circles Sand dollar Banner
* Circle Shapes Teddy Bear [head]
* Circle Shapes Teddy Bear Craft
* DLTK's Circle Bear Craft [external link]
Heart  Heart Shapes Animals Crafts (various)
Ovals (egg) * Ovals Mouse
* Ovals Penguin
* Ovals Snake
Star * Star theme crafts
* Starfish or Sea Star crafts
Rectangle Xylophone Craft
Various shapes with each craft * Autumn | Fall Family Landscape Craft
* Balloon > Shapes Hot Air Balloon
* Shapes Baker's Hat
* Shapes Chick Craft | Shapes Chicken Craft or Hen Craft
Shapes Clown Craft
Shapes Duck Craft
Shapes Elephant Craft | Shapes Elephant Head (CD) Craft
* Shapes Hearts and Home Bookmark Craft
Shapes House or Home Craft
* Oval:  Humpty Dumpty Paper Craft
Shapes Ice Cream Cone Craft
Shapes Leprechaun | Shapes Leprechaun hat
Shapes Little Boy Blue (Farmer or Shepherd)
* Shapes Owl Craft
Shapes Post-It Note Holder Flag 
(3 color versions and black & white)

* Shapes Pumpkin Craft (Optional hat and bandana for Scarecrow version)
* Shapes Santa Claus | Santa Claus and Wreath
Shapes Star
Shapes Turtle or Tortoise Craft
Shapes Trees Craft | Shapes Christmas Tree
* U.S.A. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark Craft
* United States Patriotic Bookmark Craft-2 Versios
* Scarecrow Pumpkin Craft
* Wizard Craft
Holidays and Events Australia Day-Jan. 26: Hearts Koala Crafts
St. Valentine's Day (Feb),  Mother's Day (May), Father's Day (June), Grandparent's Day (Sept.), Teachers & Child Care Provider's Appreciation Day (May)
Easy Shapes Greeting Cards
* Easy Shapes Post-It Note Holder Flag
(3 color versions and black & white)

Hearts and Home Bookmark Craft
* Hearts Shapes Animals Crafts
March:  St. Patrick's Day & Irish American Heritage Month: 
Shapes Leprechaun | Shapes Leprechaun hat
April > Arbor Day - Earth Day | June > World Environment Day:
Easy Shapes Trees Craft
Easter > March or April
* Shapes Chick Craft
* Shapes Chicken or Little Red Hen Craft
Shapes Duck or Duckling Craft
* Shapes Greeting Cards 
(Bunny Rabbit Theme &  Bible: He is Risen)

* Hearts Bunny Rabbit or Hare Craft
* Hearts Lamb | Sheep Craft
England's Mothering Sunday: Easy Shapes Greeting Card
May: Child Care Provider Appreciation Day
Teacher's Appreciation Week
* Hearts Wise Owl Craft with Apple
* Heart Animal Crafts
Fourth of July - Independence Day
* Easy Shapes Post-It Note Holder Flag
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark Craft
* United States Patriotic Circles Teddy Bear
Halloween | Autumn
* Scarecrow Pumpkin or Jack-o'-Lantern Craft
* Wizard Craft
Christmas | Winter:
* Easy Shapes Santa Claus
* Hearts Penguin Craft

* Fun Colors and Shapes with Santa Claus
* Fun Colors and Shapes Christmas Tree
Nursery Rhymes Visit Nursery Rhymes section to find activities related to shapes.
Science Practice the Circle with The Eight Planets  
Online Story time & Activities * The Story of Shapes and I Spy Shapes (activity)
* Shapes of Trees:  Trees are Terrific ... Travels with Pierre
Seasons Autumn | Fall Family Landscape Craft
Shapes * Circles Around Our Home
* I Can Trace and Decorate Shapes Activity Pages
Teddy Bears * Easy Shapes Teddy Bear Head Craft
* Easy Shapes Teddy Bear Craft