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Come and have fun with printable activities to learn shapes, an extension of Shapes Preschool Activities and Crafts. These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

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Animals Theme

Farm Animals and Bugs Theme Numbers & Shapes Flash Cards
in color only

Flash Cards: Farm Animals, Insects, Pets & Shapes
Numbers 1 - 20 and Shapes

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Hot-Air-Balloon - Trace, Colors and Shapes Practice

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Balloon - Trace by the Color

Hot-Air Balloon - Trace by the Color and Shapes Practice

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Helicopter Worksheet:  Trace, Identify Shapes and Numbers 1 to 4

Helicopter Activity Worksheet [Numbers 1 to 4]

Skills:   Pre-writing skills (pencil control) - tracing curved, straight and zigzag lines - identify, count, match the shapes & number, trace numbers 1 to 4, coloring.

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Other Themes

Clowns - Shapes and Numbers 1 to 6: 
Count and identify the shapes in the clown's outfit (1 square, 2 triangles, 3 rectangles, 4 circles, 5 stars, 6 diamonds), trace the numbers in the hat.  Use primary and secondary colors for coloring.

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Kite:  Identify diamond and triangles

Shape Patterns:
Circle:  Large-1   Medium-2 
Oval | Egg:  Large (decorate for Easter or Humpty Dumpty)

Heart Shape:
Visit St. Valentine's Day coloring pages and crafts for heart shape practice