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Christmas Wreath Colors and Shapes Printable Activity and Craft

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christmas wreath colors and shapes printable activity

Activity: Christmas Wreath Colors and Shapes > [color only]

Materials: printer with color ink, paper, scissors, glue [set margin at minimum]

Basic skills: Colors, shapes, shape words, scissor cutting skills, hand and eye coordination [match and paste]

  1. Encourage children to use child safe scissors to cut out the shapes below the wreath.

  2. Identify each color.

  3. Identify each shape and read the shape words inside each shape template.

  4. Match and paste the shapes on the wreath.

Crafty idea > Use as decoration or ornament

  1. Add other decorations: small Christmas stickers, large sequins, buttons, glitter glue, etc.

  2. Cut loosely around the wreath template

  3. Paste a family picture or child's picture in the wreath center.

  4. Add string or ribbon for an ornament.