Alphabet Letter D Drum Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets

Alphabet Letter D Drum Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets


  • printer
  • paper
  • coloring & writing supplies
  • sheet protectors for handwriting worksheets for repeated use

Music > Musical Instrument > Percussion Instrument > Drum

A drum is a percussion musical instrument shaped like cylinder. A drum has a hollow body covered at one or both ends by a tight material. It is played by beating with sticks or the hands. A toy drum is a wonderful first musical instrument for young children.

Visit the following links to view and hear different types of drums. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the musical samples.
Bass drum · Snare drum · Timpani or Kettledrum

Alphabet Activities:

Children Age 3 and under:

Print a letter D coloring page and select a drum coloring page, print behind the letter coloring page or on a separate page. Discuss other letter D words found on the worksheet.

Finger Tracing: Trace letter D's in upper and lower case with your finger as you also sound out the letter. Invite the children to do the same on their coloring page.

Trace and Color: Children can trace and color the letter D's. Encourage children to color the coloring page and write letter D d drum on the margins.

Handwriting worksheet tips:

Encourage the children to trace the dotted letter, and explain the direction of the arrows and numbers that help them trace the letter correctly.

During the demonstration, you may want to count out loud as you trace so children become aware of how the number order aids them in the writing process.

Have the children find all the letter D's in upper and lower case on the page and encourage them to circle them.

Children ages 3+:

Letter D words: Letter D Worksheet Program and Mini-Book (long a sound) can be used as part of program of activities to reinforce letter practice and to identify related words. Read suggested instructions for using the worksheet and mini-book.

You can also display letter posters and coloring pages or make a letter D home or classroom book. For related images visit: Letter D Printable Activities.

Letter D Word Search & Handwriting Practice: The word search game features letter D words with pictures and handwriting practice.

Advanced Handwriting Practice:

printable lined-paper
drawing and writing paper

1. Print your choice of printable lined-paper. Have children draw a drum behind the lined paper or select and print a drum theme coloring page below, behind the lined-paper to color after writing practice.

2. Drawing and writing paper: encourage children to draw and color a drum and practice writing letter D d.

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