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Fish Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

This activity focuses on Letter F recognition and learning basic facts about fish. Many printable materials are available to support the learning activities.

The activities may be conducted over a period of days as part fish theme unit and within a broader theme such as an ocean animals, seashore/beach theme, pets or take care of pets

This activity also includes links to a printable craft, pet care activities, music and movement activities with fish theme songs / nursery rhyme and finger play activity.

Suggestion - Include related literature, online reading, or nursery rhymes and visit Fish Activities and Crafts to review all the materials to support a fish theme.

Activity 1: Science - Learning about Fish
Display books with a fish theme

Tip: If you have a book station/area, make sure to display fish themed books that children can browse and devote some time to reading and discussing one or a nursery rhyme*

1. Using a colorful fish theme picture book or colorful posters, discuss some basic facts about fish. Ask the children what do they know about fish and guide the discussion by writing the information they share in a board.
2. Summarize some facts and here are some suggestions:

  • Fish are backboned animals (show children where is their backbone and ask them to find their backbone and feel it).
  • Fish breathe through gills and are cold blooded (we, humans are warm blooded).
    Fish come in a big variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Many fish are edible, meaning we can eat them. Ask the children if they eat fish. Do they like it?
  • Some fish are kept as pets in a fish tank or fish bowl. Related activity: Take Care of Pets
  • Fish live in salt or fresh water environments: oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, etc.

Activity 2: Alphabet - Letter F is for Fish or Community Helper & Career > Letter F is for Fishermen

Activity 3:Art & Crafts - Five Fish on a Fish Bowl Craft
Visit this fun craft to address the following skills: colors and numbers practice 1 to 5.

Activity #4: Nursery Rhymes | Numbers 1 to 5 >The Fish Counting Rhyme : one, two, three, four, five
This lesson plan includes printable materials to practice numbers and addresses letter f recognition. Select the one that you feel is more appropriate for your group and ages. These provide letter F alphabet and number practice.

Activity 5 > Story time > Fairy tales > The Fisherman and His Wife (Ages 5+)
Read and discuss this classic fairy tale.

Activity #6: Online Puzzle - Fish
Have fun with this 6-piece Fish online puzzle. Everyone in the family can enjoy this puzzle - adjust the number of pieces by clicking on the shapes button.

Snack Idea: fishy crackers, baked fish sticks with vegetable dip