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Alphabet Letter O Owl Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets

Alphabet Letter O Owl Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets


  • printer
  • paper
  • coloring & writing supplies
  • sheet protectors for handwriting worksheets for repeated use

Animals > Birds > Owl

The owl is a nocturnal bird of prey with large forward-facing eyes, a hooked beak, and typically a loud call. Owls have adapted to many types of habitats.

Visit the owl theme activities and/or crafts to incorporate with these activities.

Alphabet Activities > Letter O is for Owl

Tell the children the first word in the word owl is O followed by a wl. This o-w-l combination produces a special sound. Other words that produce this sound are fowl and growl.

Ages 3 and under:

Print a letter O coloring page and an owl coloring page behind it or attach to it.

Finger tracing: Trace letter O's in upper and lower case with your finger as you also sound out the letter. Invite the children to do the same on their coloring page.

Children can trace and color the letter O's. After coloring the letter, encourage children to color the image and write owl on the finished coloring page.

Display letter O posters and coloring pages or make a letter O classroom book. For related images visit letter O printable activities.

Ages 4+ to 6:

Handwriting worksheet tips:

Encourage the children to trace the dotted letter, and explain the direction of the arrows and numbers that help them trace the letter correctly.

During the demonstration, you may want to count out loud as you trace so children become aware of how the number order aids them in the writing process.

Find the letter O's: Have thechildren find all the letter O's in upper and lower case on the page and encourage them to circle them.

Advanced independent handwriting practice:

Print your choice of printable lined-paper and encourage children to draw an owl behind the page or print an owl coloring page.

Drawing and writing paper (ages 5+) Encourage children to draw and color an owl and write letter O o.

Complementary activities:

letter o coloring page
Letter O coloring page

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Age 3+
letter o owl color poster
Color Poster

letter o owl coloring page

Coloring Page

letter o owl handwriting worksheet
Handwriting Worksheet

printable line paper
Printable lined-paper
(various styles)

drawing and writing paper

Drawing & Writing Paper

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