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Duck Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

General information: A duck is a bird that lives in or near water and has webbed feet for swimming and a large flat bill. A young duck is called a duckling, and a male is called a drake. A female is a duck or hen. A group can be referred to as a raft, a team, a paddling when in the water, or a flock when flying. Ducks belong to a group of birds called waterfowl, and these include the geese and swans.

Ducks are also raised for their eggs and meat called poultry. They belong in the protein food group. Duck at

Toys and Games > Rubber Duck > The rubber duck, a favorite bathtub toy, was inducted in the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2013. Use this theme to discuss bath time routine and hygiene.

Activity: Duck Facts for Kids Video @ YouTube
This is an opportunity to learn some simple facts about ducks with this video.

Activity: Online Jigsaw Puzzles > Duck
This is a fun break or final activity, 6-piece online puzzle and adjustable to more pieces to practice problem solving. Fullscreen recommend.

Alphabet Letter D Duck lesson plan and printable activities

Activity: Assemble a printable duck craft
Select a duck theme craft or coloring activity. During craft assembly many skills will be addressed: counting, shapes, colors, following a set of instructions, and more. Use the craft during story time.

Activity: Print a duck theme coloring page. Choose a simple image for young children to paint, color, or decorate with craft feathers.

Activity: Story time > Read a duck theme story
Here is a selection of picture books, a fairy tale, or an Aesop fable. Have children listen carefully to the instructions so they can participate in the stories.

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