Ladybug · Ladybird Beetle Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

The ladybug is a flying insect, therefore, it has six legs. It is a small, round beetle that is generally red or orange with black spots. Ladybugs eat aphids and other insects that are harmful to plants and crops.

Let's have fun making an easy and fun craft of a ladybug, alongside other fun activities.

ladybug online jigssaw puzzleOnline Jigsaw Puzzle: Ladybug
View this image of the animal, identify colors, shapes and review facts. Problem solving skills.

Have fun with an online puzzle of a ladybug that can be adapted and the whole family can enjoy.

Alphabet Activities: Letter L is for Ladybug lesson plan printable activities for different age levels.

Bible Activity Suggestion:
This is also a wonderful insect to include in Bible related activities as it was possibly named after an important and blessed lady -- Mary, the mother of Jesus.

: Make the craft and use it to tell a Bible Story related to Mary, such as The Annunciation (great for Mother's Day too!) from the point of view a tiny ladybug as a witness of the event. Children love when another character, such as a cute animal tells the story.

Nursery Rhymes for Early Literacy - Ladybug, ladybug
View YouTube video with text and karaoke.

Children's picture book recommendation:

the grouchy ladybug read book@ YouTube > The Grouchy Ladybug (Ages 4-8) Author: Eric Carle. Great for learning manners and so much fun! Find @ a library


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