Fox Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Crafts

Fox Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Crafts
Young children will have fun exploring the fox, making a craft, reading a classical fairy tale or a fable and much more. Printable support materials and links to related activities are provided. Let's get started.

Basic facts about the fox:
The fox is a wild mammal that has a pointed nose, pointed ears, and a bushy tail. Foxes are closely related to coyotes, dogs, and wolves. Foxes hunt insects, birds, and other small animals but will sometimes eat plants, especially fruit.

Online resource: Fox - Arctic fox at

Activity: Alphabet Printable Activities
Select to present letter F is for Fox or letter X: Fox ends with X

Activity: Literacy > Online story time > Fox Fairy Tales and Fables:
Review the fairy tales and fables in the fox theme, most are printable and have video to read or listen.

Activity: Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Fox
Skills: Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun fox image. The default puzzle is 6 pieces.

Activity: Fox Coloring Pages for Puppets and Display

This coloring page can be printed on sturdy card stock paper to make a puppet. Color, cut out and attach a craft stick to the back. View all fox coloring pages in the materials column.

Activity: Fox printable crafts @

Fox Paper Craft - Very easy and two sizes

Fox Paper Tube Craft - Ages 3+ (assembled with toilet paper tube)

craft assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested for the craft which may include:

Math | Colors:
Identifying colors, number and count the craft templates.

Skills developed during craft assembly: Scissor cutting and coloring (precursors to handwriting), problem solving, fine motor skills.

Note: Print B&W template for an Arctic fox. Add interest and contrast by coloring with grey crayon and omitting the white areas.

Letter F -- Mammals > Fox >